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Wings Nursing Institute College in Nashik established in 2021, has emerged as one of the premier institutes in the field of Nursing. Wings Nursing Institutesare located at Nashik. Wings Nursing Institutes Is approved by Gov. of India an affiliated National Council of Vocational Training & Education (N C V T E, New Delhi). The Institute is located in the Picturesque surrounding Nashik. The college houses spacious well lay out, well-equipped & well-maintained laboratories for different branches are

What is nursing?


There are various courses available for nursing. From diploma studies to post-graduate studies, the students have opportunities across various stages. Nursing is a career that most individuals opt for. It provides an opportunity for people to work with the health sector.


Nursing professionals play a prominent role across hospitals and healthcare sectors. They act as the link between patients and doctors. Doctors don’t perform all duties; nurses perform pre and post-operation procedures. They also assist doctors in various operations and operations. They update charts and look after the patients. The interest in medical services has been expanding throughout the long term. Nursing understudies are given adequate down-to-earth preparation during their course. They are prepared to manage dangerous and high-hazard cases.


Scope of Nursing


Nursing is a very well-established field in India. Many students apply for nursing all over India. Since the field of healthcare has a lot of demand and popularity in India, nursing has great participation. Nurses perform major duties and roles in a hospital. They attend to patients 24/7. They are the backbones of the healthcare sector.


Attendants are utilized in emergency clinics, yet they are additionally recruited across different health habitats and comprehensive mending communities. Not many people employ attendants at homes to take care of a patient's ordinary wellbeing needs. Medical attendants have extraordinary interest everywhere in the country.  The medical care industry would stop working if attendants quit working. The entire business is subject to a Nursing gathering of people.


The extension for medical attendants will keep on progressing admirably. Although there are a    huge number of individuals enlisting for nursing courses throughout the planet, there is as yet a shortage of attendants. This expanding request will bring about medical attendants being compensated fairly and at a lot higher rates in the coming years.


Careers in Nursing


Becoming a nurse is not the only option that a nursing student has. Now, a lot of nursing students complete their higher education and specialize in a field of medicine. This increases their demand and employment rates.

Medical caretakers are likewise given the obligation of turning out to be administrators and chiefs in different emergency clinics. They likewise get into instructing; since there are numerous clinical foundations in our country, they have an extraordinary possibility of securing positions. Exploration is additionally a potential choice to investigate.


Nursing students Recruiters

Here are the top recruiters in the field:

  • Government Hospitals
  • Government medical colleges
  • Private Hospitals
  • Ayurvedic treatment centers
  • Nursing college



Eligibility criteria of nursing college

For Nursing Undergraduates Course

  • The student should have completed 10th and 12th from a recognized board or institute.
  • They should have obtained a minimum of 50% at the 10+2 level.
  • The students should be from the science stream. They should have taken Biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics as their core subjects.


For Nursing Postgraduates Course

  • The applicants should have completed their 10th and 12th from a recognized board.
  • The student should obtain a minimum of 50% at the 10+2 level.
  • The student should get a degree in the field of medicine.
  • At the undergraduate level, the student should have obtained 55% or above.
  • Entrance exams determine admissions mostly. Hence, students should focus on scoring good marks in these exams.


Which is the best nursing college in Nashik?

Wings nursing Institute for the best nursing college in Nashik India. Nursing is a very good profession worldwide. There is a high demand for trained nurses in different health care sectors. Indian nurses are noble and caring so there is a lot of demand for Indian nurses overseas also.


Is NEET mandatory for admission to wings nursing colleges of Nashik?

Answer: No, NEET is not mandatory for admission to wings nursing colleges of Nashik, India.


What are the key skills required to pursue a nursing course?

Answer: Some of the skills required to pursue a nursing course are cultural awareness, professionalism, and compassion.